Expression of Interest for Provision of general motor vehicle hire and taxi hire services.

We, the undersigned, Expedient Logistics Limited offer to provide general motor vehicle hire and taxi hire services to your organization.

We declare that:

  • We have examined and have no reservations to the Expression of Interest.
  • We have experienced team comprised of the Managing Director, Manager Operations, Administrative officer, Fleet engineer, Manager Marketing and a number of experienced drivers who will execute this assignment effectively and efficiently
  • We undertake to abide by the Code of Ethical Conduct for Bidders and Providers during the procurement process and the execution of any resulting contract;
  • We do not have any conflict of interest and have not participated in the preparation of the original project for the Procuring and Disposing Entity.
  • We guarantee to provide vehicles for rentals (with drivers) for daily use as may be requested for upcountry travels.
  • We shall provide transport services to the client for the town running trips i.e. between1-15km whenever requested.
  • We shall provide vehicles of good quality, clean and well-maintained condition during the period of contract.
  • We promise to provide for day & night airport transfers to and from CRS offices or any other locations communicated.
  • We shall provide for day & night airport transfers within a radius of 15km from CRS office (for staff and visitors that have to be picked or dropped from the airport to respective authorized locations or residences).
  • We shall ensure that the motor vehicles hired to the Client are comprehensively insured.
  • The Service provider shall be responsible for accidental damage to the motor vehicle and fire PROVIDED that the vehicles shall be under control of the Provider’s employees.
  • Driving of the vehicles shall be restricted to persons permitted by the Expedient Logistics Ltd.
  • We undertake to perform the service with the highest standards of professional, ethical competence, integrity and knowledgeable of the traffic and road regulations of the government of Uganda.
  • Expedient Logistics Ltd accepts a credit/payment period of 30 working days from the invoice date.
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